Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig

Did you know that March is officially Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month? If you are looking to adopt a smaller pet, a Guinea pig just may be a great choice for you! In this article, a Greensboro, NC vet offers some tips on adopting a Guinea pig, or cavy, as they are sometimes called.


These little balls of fur have many qualities that make them great pets. First and foremost: they’re absolutely adorable! Cavies are also typically quite gentle and easy to care for. As far as budget goes, they are usually very easy on the wallet. Last but not least, Guinea pigs make very fun and personable pets. They make super cute sounds, and can be very cuddly and friendly. You may even be able to teach your furry pal to use a litterbox, or show him some cute tricks.


Make sure your Guinea pig has a clean, roomy cage. We recommend getting a cage that is at least 7 square feet. Of course, cavies enjoy having roommates, so you can keep same sex pairs together, though you would need a bigger cage for multiple furballs. If you want to increase floor space without taking up more room, get a two-story cage with an enclosed ramp for access. As for furniture and accessories, you’ll need to add a safe, suitable substrate, such as aspen or a fleece blanket; a hidey-hole; a water bottle; and dishes. Ask your vet for more information.


We recommend giving your little buddy fresh grass hay, such as Timothy hay. Your miniature furball can have commercial food, such as pellets, for his main meals. You’ll also want to give your cavy fresh produce. Some good options are escarole, wheat grass, carrots, dandelion greens, green peppers, and zucchini. Tiny amounts of certain fruits and berries are also safe, as are some herbs. Make sure your pet’s diet contains plenty of Vitamin C, which is crucial to Guinea pigs. Ask your vet for specific recommendations on safe and unsafe foods.


Offer your cavy lots of toys, including suitable chew toys. Many cardboard, wood, and paper items are fine, as long as they don’t have small parts or sharp pieces, and aren’t covered in paint or dye.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about cavy care. As your Greensboro, NC pet clinic, we’re here to help!

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