Cutting Down on Your Dog’s Shedding

Tired of finding a layer of dog hair on your carpets and furniture? While shedding is a natural part of life for the vast majority of our canine companions, there are a few things you can do to lessen the amount of hair your pooch sheds. Your Greensboro, NC vet elaborates below:

Help With Grooming

Dogs aren’t as good at grooming themselves as our feline friends. Give your pooch a helping hand by brushing him every day. Not only does brushing your dog trap loose fur in the brush itself, it spreads essential skin oils through the coat to moisturize your dog’s fur naturally.

Bathing your dog occasionally is another way to keep the skin and fur healthy, ultimately cutting down on shedding. Just make sure to use a canine-formulated shampoo, as shampoos made for other animals or for humans may be too strong for your pup’s skin.

Diet Change

What your dog eats has a lot to do with his outward appearance. If Fido doesn’t receive the right amounts of fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients through food, the coat quality will suffer and shedding may increase! Ask your veterinarian about upgrading your dog to a premium pet food that may help bolster skin and fur health, resulting in a smooth and shiny coat of hair. Also be sure to ask about an appropriate portion size based on your dog’s age and weight.

Dietary Supplements

For some dogs, dietary supplements like coconut oil, fish oil, or omega-3 fatty acids can help improve skin and fur health, resulting in a strong coat and lessening the amount of fur shed. Ask your veterinarian, though, before purchasing a dietary supplement for your dog. They’re not beneficial or necessary for all dogs, so you’ll want your vet’s approval first.

See the Vet

If grooming or dietary changes haven’t had an effect on your dog’s excessive shedding, or if you think Fido’s shedding has increased dramatically in a short time, it’s time to pay a visit to the vet. It’s possible that medical issues—everything from skin infections or a nutritional deficiency to parasitic infestation—could be the root cause of your dog’s shedding problem! You’ll want to have any issues addressed promptly.

Do you have questions about your dog’s grooming regimen? Want a recommendation on a great diet choice for your canine companion? Contact your Greensboro, NC veterinary clinic for help.

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