Nutrition & Weight Management

Are you sure your pet’s diet and exercise needs are truly being met?

If you’ve ever read the back of your pet’s food package, you probably already know how confusing this topic can be. There are so many ingredients, most of which are hard enough to pronounce, never mind understand their nutritional value. The same can be said for weight. How can you really know whether your pet is tipping the scales in the right direction?

At The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt, we understand that this part of your pet’s health care can be confusing. We’d like to make it easier by doing some of the legwork for you. We can advise you on what food would best meet your pet’s unique needs and help him or her maintain the ideal weight.

Figuring out what food product would bring out the best in your furry family member takes some work. We must first assess your pet’s physical health. Diet can be instrumental in promoting ongoing wellness as well as managing medical problems, but only if we understand what we’re working with first. To determine this, we will conduct a comprehensive exam, including a weight measurement. We’ll also take into consideration your pet’s breed and life stage to help us further narrow down our choices.

For your convenience, we carry the following quality prescription pet food brands for purchase at our clinic:

  • Purina
  • Science Diet
  • Royal Canin

Once we’ve made our nutritional recommendation, we’ll shift our focus to your pet’s weight control needs. If your loved one is on the pudgyside, we’ll work with you to develop a plan that will eliminate those excess pounds. For pets that don’t weigh as much as they should, our approach will include a strategy to help achieve and maintain a healthier weight.

Even after our plan is in place, our work still won’t be done. That’s because we know that as your pet ages, he or she will have different needs, including what food and activity level is best. At certain intervals, such as when your pet is transitioning from puppy or kittenhood into adulthood, we’ll revisit our approach. Any necessary changes can be implemented at the appropriate time, allowing us to continue to achieve the results we’re after over the years.

Your furry family member deserves to live a happy, healthy and fit life. We can help get them there. Call us today and let’s get started!



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