Wellness & Vaccinations

Are you taking every measure to make sure your furry friend enjoys a long, happy life?

Because our animal companions age faster than we do, regular physical exams are essential to their life and longevity. Routine checkups allow us to take the necessary steps to prevent common illnesses and identify the signs of potential medical problems early. By preventing many diseases and detecting others early, we can stay on top of your pet’s health. This can extend the amount of time you get to share with your loved one and make those extra years happier and more fulfilling.

What is wellness care?

Wellness care is basically the same as the annual visits you make to your own doctor. During a wellness appointment, the vet will check your pet from nose to tail to make sure his or her body is functioning properly. This exam will provide an accurate snapshot of your companion’s current health at each appointment. We can then use that information as a baseline to compare and identify any future changes, diagnosing health concerns in a timely manner.

We also use wellness visits as a way to protect your loved one against many of the risks he or she will inevitably encounter. Companion animals are susceptible to a variety of ailments, some of which can be life threatening. By developing and implementing a customized plan that includes vaccines, parasite control, nutrition and weight management, we can help your pet avoid these dangers. This will keep your furry family member healthy and fit throughout the course of his or her lifetime.

Lastly, wellness visits allow us to develop a strong bond with your pet and to forge a partnership with you. The more we get to know and trust one another, the better care and service we will be able to provide to you both. We want to develop an individualized health care plan that is tailored to meet all of your companion’s unique needs. The best way to achieve that goal is to establish a solid foundation of routine wellness care.

The Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt offers regular wellness services to make managing your pet’s health easy and affordable. Pick up the phone and call now to find out more!




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